Tuesday, December 30, 2014

News 1

Hello Family!
        Do you guys miss me yet? It's been crazy here, there were more than 630 new missionary arrivals the same day as me. They rush you right into the classes here. I didn't even get to look at my room before beginning class, we just stopped long enough to drop off the bags.
        I had classes from 2:00 - 4:15 and then we had dinner. I'm hoping that the food ends up being better than this because the food they gave me was the most dry, nasty thing I had in a long time. 
        Right after dinner there are more classes until 9:30 at night! Crazy! They have all ready had us do roll play and that is really weird. I didn't meet my companion until the end of my first class. She is from Canada and her flight was delayed, so I had to try and explain to her what they had all ready taught. (And I couldn't remember anything) She is a few years older than me, but she is pretty nice. She is so quiet though. I feel like I'm the only one that talks.
        The room looks like a jail. The walls are plain, white brick. It's a very small room. It was only built for four girls and we have six living in here. They are doing remodeling in some of the buildings so they had to put extra girls in the rooms. There are three bunk beds, two closets (tiny closets), and four little desks. But we all get along so far so this isn't so bad... yet.
        My branch president is a crazy old man! He is one of those really blunt people that say anything and everything they're thinking. One of the elders from my branch shared how he has a girlfriend waiting for him. The branch president said, "Yeah, that's not going to work out." Then he spent the next 10 minutes telling all of us stories of missionaries and their failed relationships. It made me sad.
        This place is massive and I feel completely lost all the time, but my companion seems to know where everything is, so that's turned out to be an awesome blessing.
        One of my first assignments here was to write home the first night and tell you guys my feelings and explain a little of what life is like here so far. I was too tired the first night, so I'm writing on the first morning instead. 
        I had a terrible time trying to sleep last night! The blankets they gave me are hard and crusty and the bed, sheets, and pillow are stained and stinky. But that just means I'll probably sleep better tonight then I did last night!
        I was so tired and overwhelmed by the end of the day yesterday. I started wondering what I have gotten myself into. But I'm sure when I get into the swing of things, that I will feel more positive.
        I love you guys a bunch! Wish I could talk to you and give you more details and better explain how insane this place is.
Don't forget to write!
                Sister Amanda MacKay

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