Tuesday, December 30, 2014

News 3

     Dear Family,
     I have like 10 minutes to tell you everything that's happening so we'll see if I can do this and have it all make sense.
        Life here is still crazy, all the days blur together and make it feel like one day that has no end or beginning. They give me so much food here and then with all the candy everyone sent me, I'm pretty sure I'm putting on weight :/
        My companion still pushes me in every way she can. We work out together, and she pushed me so far that I threw up after my run the other day... fun stuff. But I really do love working out :). I have been sleeping through my alarm clock lately, and that makes  her pretty mad, so I think I'll need to try and get off my sleeping pills and see if that helps. 
        Last night David Archuleta came and spoke to us and sang to us. So did Richard Elliot (the guy who plays the organ for the tabernacle choir) It was so good! We also got to watch Meet the Mormons... but I fell asleep through that. I find myself falling asleep all the time now, even in class and that is pretty embarrassing. 
        I loved being able to talk to you, even though I didn't really have anything interesting to say. 
       And I don't know if you remember me telling you about my investigator, Dominic, but teaching him has been so much fun. He always has these really great questions for us, he argues with us about some things, but he is pretty nice to us. He gets so into our lessons that he decided to not go on his flight to see family for Christmas because he was afraid he wouldn't be back in time for our next lesson. He really has gotten me excited for going out into the mission field. 
        I do find myself stressed out a lot. But one pf the sisters in my district, Sister Brakey, has been having an even harder time then me, so when I help her it keeps my mind focused on her instead of me, so that's been great. I can't remember if I told you this but my companion and I are the Sister Training Leaders. (I think that's what we're called) That has been a fun calling, and will be even better soon because we are getting 4 more sisters in our district on Wednesday!
        Well I'm out of time, and will see if they'll let me send pictures this time. 
        I love you all!!!!
        Sister Amanda MacKay

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