Monday, July 13, 2015

News 12

My Family!!!
   This letter will most likely be pretty short and boring. This week we didn't really get to teach many lessons. We got yelled at by at least one person Every Single Day this week, and that really wasn't any fun. We did find a new investigator though. I can't understand anything she says because she has had a stroke and doesn't talk very clearly, but my companion can understand her okayish, so we're doing what we can to teach her. And even though she has a hard time understanding us as well, she has promised to read the Book of Mormon and says that she'll learn through that and by the Spirit.
   We have gotten to do quite a bit of baking these last few days since Brother Davenport past away. We were asked to make a TON of muffins so that the Davenport family would have something to eat each morning. We had his funeral yesterday and it was probably the weirdest funeral that I have ever been to. None of the family spoke, it was just men that Brother Davenport had served on the high counsel with. And they just kept telling the story about his death over and over and over again. The elders had been with Brother Davenport the night that he died, and so these men kept saying stupid stuff like, "These elders won't remember the death of Brother Davenport, they'll just remember his beautiful testimony." It was weird, I wanted to throw things at them every time they retold the story of how he died. Is that a normal thing for people to talk about at funerals? I don't know.
   On Saturday, the day before the funeral, Sister Villegas and I got to go to the church with some of the men in the ward and shovel the snow and ice off the side walks to prepare for the funeral. I must have done something wrong while shoveling or maybe it's just been a long time since I've  done hard manual labor. But for these last two days my back has been hurting SUPER bad. I laid down on the floor last night while we waited for it to be bedtime, and I couldn't get back up. So we're hoping that goes away soon.
   OH! I do have some very exciting news though! When we got to do our conference call with President Baker (it's a conference call that we do once a week and everyone missionary in our mission is part of it) and he announced that in March we will be able to go to the temple!!!!! I think we get to go on March 25 :).
   I really don't think there is much else to tell you guys. This has just been a really weird week and I'm glad it's over and have my fingers crossed that next week will be better. I love you all and hope things are going good at home.
    Sister (Amanda) MacKay

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